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Alabama Title Loans will provide you with the best online loans in all of Vestavia Hills!

If you live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama and you are experiencing financial difficulties, it is true that you may need money right away. For residents like you, the same is true, especially when there is a dire emergency. You may not be able to contact relatives at this time because they may be going through the same thing. You may not be able to go to the local credit union or bank because you have bad credit. At the moment, you might think that there is no other recourse, but there is. Car title loans can get you the money that you need in a jiffy.

So, don’t feel discouraged because all it takes is to complete the simple application form, receive a car title loan quote for you to accept, provide proof of income, an ID card and the original title to your vehicle. Of course, your vehicle will be the collateral so you have to show that you own the vehicle outright and that your name is written on the title. Once you can do this, then you are definitely eligible for a title loan. You have to be 18 years or older to apply and your ID card should show that you are. Within thirty minutes to forty-eight hours, you should have the money in your bank account. With car title loans in Birmingham and all over Alabama.

Department of Motor Vehicle
If you cannot locate the title to your vehicle or you want to do a transfer of title, you can go to the Department of Motor Vehicle in your local area to do so. This is important to the title loan application process. You are going to have to provide a certificate of title with your name on it. If you have lost the title, the process to retrieve it is easy, fast and simple too.
Address: 908 Bankhead Hwy W, Birmingham AL 35201
Phone: (205) 252-7445
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The Law

The Truth in Lending Act protects consumers from being fraudulently taken advantage of. It provides adequate protection necessary to conduct business in the United States with any lender.
In the state of Alabama, lenders of title loans are pawnbrokers, which would mean that they are not under the jurisdiction of the Small Loan Act, but instead, they are under the jurisdiction of the Pawn Shop Act. If the borrower does not pay on a title loan after the initial contract has been signed, the creditor is legally able to confiscate the vehicle. If the borrower fails to make any kind of payment within the term period, then the vehicle belongs to the lender. A title loan lender in Alabama cannot exceed an interest rate of more than twenty-five percent. Title loans in Alabama cannot be more than $1,000.

Alabama repossession laws are governed by Section 5-19A-4 where the pawnbroker can take the vehicle and dispose of it by selling it to a third party if the borrower fails to pay and the contract maturity date has past thirty days. The creditor would not have to provide any notice of sale to the borrower.

Obtain City Information

If you are interested to learn more about Vestavia Hills, AL, visit their information center here.
Don’t hesitate to contact your police department, if you want to file a complaint about your consumer rights. Law enforcement can assist you by directing you to the proper government authorities.

Police Chief in the city of Vestavia Hills, AL is Dan Rary
Police Department Phone Number: 205-823-1153
Address: 1032 Montgomery Hwy

Celebrity News

Anyone can have financial problems, even celebrities like O.J. Simpson who had his house repossessed. You don’t have to go through this when you obtain a title loan. O.J. Simpson had an unfortunate situation that was beyond his control at the time. A title loan is there to help you to get out of a financial bind. Use it to your advantage, but be responsible about your financial obligation. With a title loan, you can improve your credit and solve your financial problem.