Car Title Loans Tuscaloosa

Alabama Title Loans will provide you with the best online loans in all of Tuscaloosa!

Title loans briefing

Car title loans are a great option to borrow money without needing a credit or background check. Online title loans can be processed within the same day and the process is very simple. Anyone who owns a car can get title loans Tuscaloosa. Your daily life is not changed at all; you keep your car while the loan is out and continue to drive it. Title loans Alabama is an easy, low risk process.

In exchange for cash, the car owner hands in the hard copy of their vehicle title on a temporary basis. The vehicle title is returned one the loan is paid off and the titles act as collateral loans. Auto title loans are cheaper than cash advances and payday loans and are easier to acquire.

Consider auto title loans in Tuscaloosa, Alabama if you need money immediately. In the process, your secured loans will be approved very quickly within a couple days. In 2012, Alabama led the country in car title loans. The secured loans will depend on the value of your car and proof of residence and income may be required.

How to apply for a title loan

  • Fill out the application on the website for title loans Tuscaloosa. Basic vehicle information including make, year, and mileage will need to be provided.
  • Basic personal information including name, phone number, and zip code is also needed. Falsified information can result in repossession.
  • A free title loan estimate will be made and a representative will be in contact at your earliest convenience.

Tuscaloosa DMV

Here is the DMV website for Tuscaloosa.
They are open from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.
Licensing, identification cards, and CDL tests are provided at this DMV.

Towing and repossession companies in Tuscaloosa

Whisenhant Towing is a local towing company in Tuscaloosa.

Repossession agencies must be licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

The phone number for a local repossession company is: (760)757-1309.
The address is: 514 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054.

In Alabama, creditors have the right to repossess the collateral property, excluding housing and land according to state laws. If an agreement was signed and violated then the creditor may repossess the property. Any term that is broken in the loan agreement can lead to repossession.
In order to redeem, the entire loan must be paid off in full.

What to do if your rights are abused

If a creditor contacts you about debt you do not owe or have already paid off, dispute the claim in writing as soon as possible. The debt collector must provide you with a written copy of the amount owed, the name of the creditor, and how to dispute the bill.

Debt collectors cannot repeatedly call and harass you or threaten you. They can only repossess the car peacefully and not by tricks or threats of violence. If a creditor has acted illegally, contact a lawyer immediately.

John Hubbard: (205)-378-8121. He is a local lawyer who specializes in repossession cases.
The Elmer Law Firm can be contacted at (205)-286-8111. They are another local firm that handles contract violation and borrower rights, specifically collateral loans.