Do you have clear title to your car? Can you find that title or is it lost, stolen or damaged? If so, this is a serious issue and you need to have it replaced. In the state of Alabama, every vehicle model that is less than 35 years old has to be registered with a certificate of title. If the vehicle is a trailer, then the model must be less than 20 years old, but still requires a certificate of title in the state of Alabama. Motor vehicle is a broad term, but as long as your vehicle is an automobile that operates on the roadways, you are expected to have a title to that vehicle except when you still have not paid off for your vehicle and you carry a loan balance.

The Exclusion
The only exclusion to having a certificate of title is in the situations below:
· If the vehicle model is more than 35 years old or the trailer model is in excess of 20 years
· If the vehicle is government owned
· If the vehicle has a lien due to an auto loan not yet paid off
· A vehicle used by an auto dealer or auto manufacturer during road testing
· A vehicle that is not owned by an Alabama resident, but a non-resident. The vehicle should be registered in another state
· Boats and 1989 mobile homes
· A specific mobile equipment
· ATVs and snowmobiles
· Junk vehicles
· Utility trailers used to pull a vehicle
· Camping trailer that can be collapsed or folded, but in excess of 20 years old

The Location
You will be able to replace your certificate of title with a Designated Agent from the Department of Revenue. This includes the Department of Motor Vehicles or auto dealers licensed in the state of Alabama. There are also some financial institutions that have that kind of jurisdiction such as a credit union or bank. However, you or the lien holder of the vehicle can apply directly through the Department of Revenue to receive a certificate of title replacement.

The Cost
In the state of Alabama, the cost to replace your certificate of title for your motor vehicle is only $15. For a manufactured home, the fee is $20. If you submit an application through a Designated Agent, you will be charged an extra $1.50, which will be assessed as commission to the agent for processing the application on your behalf. To have your application processed and mailed, the DMV officials also charge a commission of $1.50 in addition to the required application fee. It is best to contact the relevant authorities to confirm the existing fees.

The Paperwork
To replace your car title in the state of Alabama, you must have the required documents. If in your possession, the Designated Agent will ask for the original manufacturer’s certificate or the vehicle’s registration papers.

The Process
Processing of a car title application will depend on the agency through which you submitted the application and so the times may vary. However, in most cases, the applicant will receive a reasonable time frame. You can always contact the agency to find out about the status of your application.

Email contact for the Department of Revenue is:

The Bottom Line
Replacing a car title loan is not a complicated process as you can see. The process is relatively easy and you have various options of obtaining a replacement. However, since other problems could arise if you cannot produce a certificate of title for your vehicle, it is best to have it done sooner rather than later.

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