Car Title Loans Dothan

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Your financially unstable again. It could be the result of an emergency that hit you hard, it could be the result of a lay-off, or it could be the result of a never-ending cycle of debt –but the truth is, you’re tired and want to get the help you need and deserve. You are not the only one. There are millions just like you who are suffering because of financial stresses that may not be so easy to manage and less easy to escape.

So when the world is against you where do you go for help? The family won’t help you again. Your friends have their own problems. And banks reject you even before you sit down at the application desk. So what can you do? Where can you go?

It’s as simple as two words – title loan.

Car title loans were created for this particular situation and for people just like you. You are fortunate enough to be living in today’s society when title loans exist and literally save lives.
But you’re asking yourself –what is a title loan? The answer is simple. A title loan is a loan that uses your car as collateral, however, you don’t have to give the lenders your car; on the contrary, you will leave the parking lot driving your car. A title loan only uses the car’s value to determine the price of the loan –nothing more, nothing less. In a nutshell, that’s what a title loan is.

To learn some interesting facts about title loans continue reading.

Title Loan Facts:

  1. Title loans only use the vehicle’s value to determine the loan amount; for newer vehicle in good shape, the loan amount will be greater than those cars that are older or in worse condition.
  2. Most title loans are equal to but not greater than 75% of the car’s equity.
  3. Title loans do not take into account an applicant’s credit history. Applicants from all walks of life are encouraged to apply and will have success.
  4. Title loans are small money, short-term loans.
  5. Title loan lenders will assist each and every applicant through the entire process from the contract agreement to the payment plan decision.
  6. Each title loan comes with a free car title loan quote that is managed by a team of car experts.
  7. Car estimates use the Kelley Blue Book as a reference to be as accurate as possible.
  8. Title loans do not require mountains of paperwork; on the contrary –with a title loan clients only need to present the car’s title, a photo ID, and a completed and signed title loan.
  9. There are many types of payment plans that suit all types of applicants.
  10. Title loans can be obtained in less than 24 hours and in some cases as much as 48 hours; that is the standard waiting time.

Title loans have really made an impact on the lives of hundreds if not millions of people just like you who feel that there is no hope left in the world. It’s no wonder they are one of the most popular loans on the market. You, too, can be a part of the title loan movement. All you have to do is visit your nearest title loan in Montgomery or any one of our several offices and inquire within. Don’t be afraid to do research prior to your visit in order to feel more prepared about your meeting. With technology at our fingertips, being informed and armed with knowledge is easier than ever before.