Summer Budget Tips

Summer is here and of course, it can be quite expensive as it is a time for going on vacation, time for kid’s summer camps and time to stock up the pantry with more food. While kids are out of school, they can consume quite a lot of food. With a tighter budget as a result of this, you will need all the tips you can to remain frugal and still have some summer fun. Below are six budget tips for summer fun.

1. Having Dinner at Home
Instead of going to a restaurant more frequently, why not choose some of your family members and friends and start a night where the family and friends met to have dinner? On some occasions, you could even have some of these individuals bring a potluck meal. Nights like these are excellent for entertaining and being social. You could go a step further and add a theme for each dinner night, playing board games or after dinner, go to a nearby pastry shop and have dessert.

2. Summer Camp
Did you know that you can create a summer camp in your neighborhood, especially if you are a stay-at-home mother? You could have the camp in your own home. Each day, you could have the kids do something different, making it not only fun for the kids, but for you too. There are free activities that you can get involved in. Water parks are usually reasonable too.

3. Choosing Vacation Spot
Instead of going far away for a vacation, why not choose a close vacation spot, one that is nearby your home. Try to choose a vacation package for a group. This can work out to be less expensive. You could also do a cabin rental at a nearby lake or at a condominium close to the beach. You could also choose a hotel room nearby. Other ideas would be:

  • Camping
  • Day trips (spending only a day or few days at a time
  • Hiking into the mountains (if you love the outdoors)

Try to find a place where you haven’t been before. You could look for hotel savings by calling to see if there are any discount prices. If you choose to go camping, then you will eliminate the cost of the hotel.

4. Remote Work
If you have kids, ask your boss if you can work from home during the summer, especially if your work entails the phone and computer. It will save you money on car maintenance and gas as well as any other expense of commuting. Instead of sending the kids off to camp, you could be their in-house babysitter and yet be able to do your work from home. In addition, you will have less stress.

5. Local Attractions and Events
You could take advantage of some of the local attractions and events taking place. Many cities have various events that take place during the summer months so as to accommodate parents with kids out of school. If you don’t get a pamphlet in the mail, go to your nearest recreation center to inquire. Some of these centers offer prices in bundles, which means that you can sign up the kids for more than one event at a lower cost. You can also visit amusement parks at special local discounts or for an affordable yearly membership.

6. Outdoor Exercise
You don’t have to sign up for an expensive membership at the gym. You can take advantage of the outdoors and do things that you like such as biking, walking, jogging, and cycling. You can include the kids in some of these activities.

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